WORD Workouts FAQs


Q: Who is this program for?
A: WORD Workouts are for traditional educators, homeschool educators, and families with children in grades PK–12. The program may be used in school or at home — wherever you are!

Q: Is this program really free?
A: Yes! NaliniKIDS is committed to removing all barriers to access, including cost, in order to reach as many students as possible. 

WORD Workouts are made possible by donations from our users and supporters. We invite you to pay what you wish, with a suggested monthly donation of $5 or annual donation of $50. Donate here.

Q: Do I need training to teach this program?
A: This program is designed to be implemented without training. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the Teacher Resources prior to beginning the program.

Q: What if I’d like to schedule a professional development for my staff? Do you offer this?
A: Yes, we do! Please reach out to wordworkouts@nalinikids.org and we can discuss which of our PD offerings would suit your staff best.


Refer to our Implementation Ideas resource for classroom and community applications, as well as tips to get started.

Q: Do I have to start the program at the beginning of the school year?
A: No, you can begin using WORD Workouts at any point during the year (even in the summer!).

Q: When and how often should I teach lessons?
A: As often as they fit into your schedule. We suggest you teach WORD Workouts consistently so that students can create habits of movement and reflection. Many educators spend 10 minutes each day doing a WORD Workout, typically first thing in the morning or as a transition after lunch.

Q: How do I know if I’m teaching the program correctly?
A: As long as each lesson includes a physical workout video and a selection of related reflection prompts, you’re teaching WORD Workouts correctly! This program was designed to be flexible to meet your teaching needs, so there is no one correct way to teach it. (In fact, we’d love to hear how you are using the lessons. Reach out and share with us!) 

If you would like support, we are here for you! 

  • Please reach out to us using the chat icon in the lower right corner of your browser window, and a team member will connect with you. We want you to feel confident and excited to facilitate the program in your classroom, and are happy to help you get there. 
  • If you prefer, you can reach out to us at wordworkouts@nalinikids.org.
  • You may also find it helpful to consult the Teacher Resources.
Q: How can I integrate this curriculum into the other subjects I teach?
A: There are so many opportunities to integrate the WORD Workouts into your classroom. Try a few of these ideas:

  • Connecting the WORD from each workout to other subjects you teach will help reinforce the concepts for students. For example, reinforce EMPATHY by encouraging students to imagine how they would feel if they were walking in the shoes of a historical figure you are studying. Connect the PERSEVERANCE workout to practicing each of the steps of the scientific method.
  • Choose a “word of the week” that connects to what you are teaching in your other subjects. 
  • Don’t forget to utilize the Academic Connection reflection prompts in each lesson plan to help you integrate social-emotional learning with academic disciplines.
Q: Should I do the workout with my students?
A: We have found that students love when their teachers work out with them. This can also be a great opportunity to model modifications and a growth mindset for your students.

Q: What if one of my students is injured or doesn’t feel comfortable doing the physical workout?
A: We suggest that you include opportunities for students to engage in alternative activities, such as drawing, writing, or other independent reflection activities that connect to the concepts from the lesson. For more information, see Strategies for Differentiation.

Q: I have students with disabilities. Is it okay to exclude them from the physical portion of the program?
A: Every student should feel comfortable knowing how to connect to their body. This may look different from student to student. Reference the Guidelines for Teaching Movement and Physical Exercise resource for more information.

Q: Is the program tailored to students with special needs? Is the program suited for ELL students?
A: While the WORD Workouts program is not specifically tailored to students with special needs or ELL students, we offer Strategies for Differentiation.

Q: I’m not a counselor. What should I do if a student brings up something in a reflection that I’m not sure how to handle?
A: Recognize if a student shares something concerning, and share it with an administrator at your site. Refer students to appropriately-trained individuals and follow your school’s protocols when necessary. Reference the Guidelines for Facilitating Reflection and Emotional Discussion resource for more information.

Website Support

Q: I’m having an issue with the website. Can you help me?
A: Please reach out to us using the chat icon in the lower right corner of your browser window. A team member will troubleshoot with you.


Q: Do you offer any other programs?
A: Yes — check out Subject of Self. Subject of Self is a 35–week, K–12 curriculum that gives students an outlet to process today’s world, while practicing healthy ways to express themselves through movement, writing, discussion, and illustration. Children are able to understand and share their unique perspectives on topics such as friendship, identity, and community. It is also 100% free!