Presence – HS

What’s one way to know you’re in the presence of a giant whale? A blue whale’s heartbeat can be heard from more than two miles away! Their heart is the size of a small car, and beats only 8-10 times per minute.

Power – HS

The Olympic world record for the longest human long jump is greater than the world record for longest horse long jump. In 1991, American athlete Mike Powell jumped 29 ft. 4.25 in. Think about the power in his legs!

Grit – HS

Think back to the definition of GRIT. In 2016, a 62-year-old former U.S. Marine broke the world planking record with a time of 8 hours, 15 minutes, and 15 seconds. That’s a lot of courage and resolve!

Perseverance – HS

Many leaders throughout history have shown a great deal of perseverance, and did not always succeed on the first try at something. Abraham Lincoln lost five separate elections before he became President of the U.S.