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The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness

  • This workout takes approximately 10 Minutes
  • This workout is for students in Grades PK-1
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  • Type:  Strength
  • Excercise:  Push Up + Down Dog
  • Target:  Chest + Arms + Core
  • Equipment:  None
Workout guide


1. Start in plank position, with your arms a little wider than your shoulders
2. Keep your feet and thighs together, and your legs straight
3. Tip your heels forward, keeping your back flat
4. Tuck your hips under and pull your abs in
5. Keep your fingers spread apart, your head in line with your spine, and your eyes focused forward
6. Keeping your chest open and shoulders down, bend your elbows down/up as you lower your body down/up
7. Push back into a down dog, shifting your weight back and raising your hips up high


– 3 reps
– On the final rep, roll up one vertebrae at a time to standing

NOTE: 10 push ups + 1 down dog = one rep


If you have back discomfort or pain:
– Reduce the range of your push up (even bending half an inch counts!)

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