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A feeling or understanding that someone or something is important

  • This workout takes approximately 10 Minutes
  • This workout is for students in Grades PK-1
  • Teacher Resources


  • Type:  Strength
  • Excercise:  Standing Leg Lifts
  • Target:  Thighs + Balance
  • Equipment:  None
Workout guide


1. Stand in NaliniKIDS posture
2. Rest your hands behind you on a desk or chair
3. Place your heels together and toes apart, making a small v-position with your feet
4. Bend your knees slightly
5. Step your right foot out in front of you
6. Keeping your leg straight, flex your right foot, pointing your toes up to the ceiling
7. Engage your abs and lift your chest up
8. Lift your right leg up and down, trying to get your right knee across from your right hip
9. Complete the sequence and then repeat (left leg)


– 10 single count
– 10 pulses
– 5 second hold
– Repeat (left side)


If you have tight hip flexors:
– Turn your leg out and/or don’t lift your leg as high

Icon of a body with vibration lines on the sides of it.

How does your body feel after completing the workout?

Icon of a profile view of a person’s head with a speech bubble where the brain would be.

How does your mind feel after completing the workout?

Icon of a question mark.

What does Respect mean to you in this moment?

Choose from the additional reflection prompts below to customize this lesson and meet the needs of your students and your time constraints. Create a unique workout experience every time you return to this lesson!


What makes you feel respect?

Real-World Connection

What do you picture when you feel respect?

Academic Connection

Write a word or draw a picture that comes to mind when you think of the word Respect.

Fun Fact

RESPECTFUL people are good listeners.

Did you know that we listen at a rate of 200 words per minute, but we think at a rate of 2,000 words per minute?