Exertion or effort directed to produce or accomplish something

  • This workout takes approximately 10 Minutes
  • This workout is for students in Grades 2-3
  • Teacher Resources


  • Type:  Strength
  • Excercise:  Abdominal Routine
  • Target:  Core
  • Equipment:  Chair
Workout guide


1. Start in seated NaliniKIDS posture, facing sideways at the edge of a chair
2. Place your hands underneath your shoulders at either end of the seat of the chair
3. Turn your palms out and hold the edges of the chair with your fingertips
4. Lean your upper body back into your hands; using your abs, lift your legs up from the floor
5. Balance on your glutes, keeping your thighs and feet together and your abs activated, knees slightly bent
6. Keep your abs pulled in tightly and your shoulders back and down
7. Lean your upper body back and extend your legs out and forward; then lean your upper body forward and crunch your legs into your chest, using the abs to pull them in (think of opening and closing your body like a book)
8. On the OPEN: elbows bend and your legs straighten
9. On the CLOSE: arms lengthen and your knees bend


– 10 single count
– 10 pulses
– 10 single count
– Rest
– 10 single count
– 10 pulses
– 10 single count
– 5 second hold


If you’re confused about your set-up:
– Stay in a smaller, more comfortable range
– Or place your feet on the floor and using your abs, lower and lift just your upper body


You can customize the reflection prompts to meet the needs of your students and your time constraints. Create a unique workout experience every time you return to this lesson by choosing different prompts — each workout can reveal something new for students!

Icon of a body with vibration lines on the sides of it.

How does your body feel after completing the workout?

Icon of a profile view of a person’s head with a speech bubble where the brain would be.

How does your mind feel after completing the workout?

Icon of a question mark.

What does Work mean to you in this moment?



Describe the last time you worked really hard on something.


What is your favorite type of schoolwork? Why?


Describe your future dream job.

Real-World Connection


What responsibilities/chores do you have at home?

Learning Environment

Describe your favorite place to complete homework.


What types of jobs are available in your community?

Academic Connection


Make a list of your work experience. Include school subjects, chores, etc.

Social Studies

What are some popular jobs in your country that weren't around fifty years ago?


What unique skills do you bring to group work that help you to collaborate with other students?

Fun Fact

Working together with a team or group makes people more creative and successful than working alone.

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