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A state of anxiety and uncertainty over actual or potential problems

  • This workout takes approximately 10 Minutes
  • This workout is for students in Grades 2-3
  • Teacher Resources


  • Type:  Strength
  • Excercise:  Tree Pose
  • Target:  Balance + Core + Alignment
  • Equipment:  None
Workout guide


1. Stand in NaliniKIDS posture
2. Bring your feet and thighs together
3. Turn your right foot out, raise your heel, and rest your foot against your left ankle
4. Guide your right foot up toward your inner thigh, using your hand for support
5. Find a comfortable yet challenging place to rest your foot on your thigh
6. Press your foot into your thigh and your thigh into your foot to maintain your balance
7. Stand tall and don’t look down
8. Reach your hands straight up toward the ceiling, palms in
9. Hold and focus on your breath
10. Repeat (left side)


– 20 second hold (right side)
– 20 second hold (left side)


Depending on your range of motion and/or flexibility:
– Choose one of three levels of difficulty, resting your foot either: low (ankle), medium (calf), or high (inner thigh) on your opposite leg

Icon of a body with vibration lines on the sides of it.

How does your body feel after completing the workout?

Icon of a profile view of a person’s head with a speech bubble where the brain would be.

How does your mind feel after completing the workout?

Icon of a question mark.

What does Worry mean to you in this moment?

Choose from the additional reflection prompts below to customize this lesson and meet the needs of your students and your time constraints. Create a unique workout experience every time you return to this lesson!



Describe something you used to be worried about but aren't anymore. How did you overcome this concern?


Describe something you are worried about today. How does that worry feel in your body?


What advice would you give to someone who is feeling worried?

Real-World Connection


When you are feeling worried at home, whom can you turn to, and why?

Learning Environment

When you are feeling worried at school, whom can you turn to, and why?


What do people in your community worry about? Are you worried about this thing too?

Academic Connection


Draw a cartoon of a superhero who is worried about something. Include a special power that helps them fight the worry.

Social Studies

Describe a recent event in history that has people worried. Are you worried about this?


How can people use science to help others worry less?

Fun Fact

Humans worry about many things. A person who is worried that a duck is watching them might have anatidaephobia.