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Form a mental image or concept of; to believe something unreal or untrue exists

  • This workout takes approximately 10 Minutes
  • This workout is for students in Grades 9-12
  • Teacher Resources


  • Type:  Cardio
  • Excercise:  Drum Jog
  • Target:  Lower Body + Cardio Warm-Up
  • Equipment:  None
Workout guide


1. Stand in NaliniKIDS posture
2. Keep your feet hips width apart and parallel
3. Bend your knees and drop your hips down (don’t allow the knees to go over the ankles)
4. Raise your heels off the floor and cross your arms over your chest
5. Jog in place really fast, springing your toes off the floor one foot at a time
6. Keep your hips low and continue to pick up your speed


– 30 seconds of jogging in place


If you have knee discomfort or pain:
– March in place, swinging your arms

Icon of a body with vibration lines on the sides of it.

How does your body feel after completing the workout?

Icon of a profile view of a person’s head with a speech bubble where the brain would be.

How does your mind feel after completing the workout?

Icon of a question mark.

What does Imagine mean to you in this moment?

Choose from the additional reflection prompts below to customize this lesson and meet the needs of your students and your time constraints. Create a unique workout experience every time you return to this lesson!



When was the last time you used your imagination? What did you see?


Think critically about the word IMAGINE. What are some different ways that others might interpret this word?


Reflect on a dream you have for your future. Close your eyes and imagine what it will feel like to experience that dream.

Real-World Connection


Imagine an avatar that represents a person in your family. What does this avatar look like (including clothing and accessories), and what are they doing?

Learning Environment

Describe an in-school activity that requires you to use your imagination.


Imagine a community of your dreams. What would it look like? Sound like? Feel like? Design a community flag for this community.

Academic Connection


Close your eyes and imagine a character from a book you recently read. What does this character look like in your mind? What would they be doing right now?

Social Studies

How has imaginative storytelling influenced societies throughout history?


Use your imagination to create a research experiment that you might like to conduct in the future. Include a clear description of your hypothesis and methods.

Fun Fact

Sometimes our imagination plays tricks on us. Many people believe that early mermaid sightings can be attributed to dehydration + manatees.