Lacking fear or concern

  • This workout takes approximately 10 Minutes
  • This workout is for students in Grades 6-8
  • Teacher Resources


  • Type:  Strength
  • Excercise:  Warrior Holds
  • Target:  Thighs + Hips + Balance
  • Equipment:  None
Workout guide


1. Stand in NaliniKIDS posture
2. Step your feet out into a wide second position (feet wider than your hips)
3. Turn your right foot out 90 degrees, keeping your left foot as is (left toes pointing forward)
4. Bend your right knee to be in line with your right heel
5. Square off your hips (pull your left hip back)
6. Raise your arms up into a T-shape across from your shoulders and reach strongly through your fingertips
7. Realign your posture, making sure your shoulders are in line with your hips as you continue to reach your arms away from one another; head is in line with the spine
8. Repeat (left side)


– 20 second hold (right side)
– 20 second hold (left side)


If you have knee discomfort or pain:
– Adjust your back foot to make the angle of your knee more comfortable


You can customize the reflection prompts to meet the needs of your students and your time constraints. Create a unique workout experience every time you return to this lesson by choosing different prompts — each workout can reveal something new for students!

Icon of a body with vibration lines on the sides of it.

How does your body feel after completing the workout?

Icon of a profile view of a person’s head with a speech bubble where the brain would be.

How does your mind feel after completing the workout?

Icon of a question mark.

What does Fearless mean to you in this moment?



Reflect on a situation when you did something that scared you.


Is anyone truly fearless? Is it possible to be brave and still have fear?


Do you have a fear that you hope to overcome in the future? How can you gradually expose yourself to this fear to make it less scary?

Real-World Connection


In your family or ancestry, who has demonstrated bravery? What characteristics does/did this person have?

Learning Environment

Have you ever felt fearful of a task in school? Who can you turn to for support if you feel fear at school?


Describe a resource (person or place) in your community that you can access in a fearful moment.

Academic Connection


Write a sentence describing a past fear that you no longer have, and how you felt overcoming that fear.

Social Studies

Think of a crisis in recent history. How did people in society show bravery during a challenging time?


Practice being fearlessly innovative by creating plans for an invention or product you would like to develop in the future. Participate in a class “Shark Tank” where each student shares their pitch.

Fun Fact

Fear has a scent. When someone is afraid, they release a chemical pheromone in their sweat. Other people can smell, even if they are unaware of it.