Courage – HS

The Animals in War & Peace Medal of Bravery has been awarded to animals who have shown great courage in the armed forces or civil emergency services. One recipient, a pigeon named G.I. Joe, saved the lives of over 100 allied forces in World War II by flying 20 miles in 20 minutes to deliver a message that aborted an imminent bombing by friendly forces.

Dedication – HS

The longest marathon on a pogo stick was 206,864 bounces, achieved by American James Roumeliotis at Pogopalooza 8 in Costa Mesa, California, on July 29, 2011. James bounced for 20 hours and 13 minutes. Now that’s dedication!

Discover – HS

In 2021, a new exoplanet was discovered that may have water clouds. Even though this planet is eight times closer to its star than the Earth is to the Sun (making 1 year on this planet the equivalent of 24 Earth days!), its temperature is similar to that of Earth, thanks to its cooler and less bright host star. The cooler the planet, the more likely it is to have clouds in its atmosphere.

Empathy – HS

Elephants, dolphins, whales, chimpanzees, and a handful of other animals may be able to feel empathy, based on a part of their brain that is similar to the human brain.

Focus – HS

The longest duration of juggling three objects is 12 hours and 5 minutes, achieved by American David Slick at a public library in Texas, on July 22, 2009. During his attempt, David listened to music to stay focused.