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WORD Workout Library

Icon of a mouse cursor clicking on a WORD Workouts tile.

Step 1: Choose a WORD

Pick an emotion your students are currently feeling or want to embody

Icon of a person doing an exercise with a movement highlight.

Step 2: Move

Press play and let the video guide students in discovering how this emotion manifests in their bodies

Icon of a question mark with a circle highlight around it.

Step 3: Reflect

Select questions that help students think about how this emotion appears in their lives

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Lessons (40)
  • Breathing
  • Cardio
  • Stretch
  • Strength
Accept Stretch
Alive Cardio
Ambitious Strength
AngryAngry Strength Strength
Aware Strength
Build Strength
CalmCalm Breathing Breathing
Commit Strength
ConfidenceConfident Strength Cardio
Connect Strength
CourageCourage Strength Strength
Dedication Strength
Discover Stretch
EmpathyEmpathy Cardio Cardio
Energy Cardio
Fearless Strength
Focus Stretch
Freedom Stretch
FrustratedFrustrated Cardio Cardio
GratefulGrateful Breathing Stretch
Grit Strength
HappyHappy Strength Cardio
Imagine Cardio
Love Stretch
Patience Stretch
Peace Breathing
PerseverancePerseverance Strength Strength
Power Cardio
Presence Breathing
Proud Stretch
Release Stretch
Resilience Strength
RespectRespect Strength Strength
SafeSafe Strength Strength
Solution Stretch
Strength Strength
Success Strength
Think Stretch
Work Strength
WorryWorry Strength Strength